New Zealand Work Permit Visa

Apply For New Zealand Skilled Work Permit Visa

If you’ve been offered a full-time job, and you have the necessary qualifications and experience to work in that job, you can apply for a temporary visa to work in New Zealand. Your employer must have checked if any New Zealanders were available to do the work, before offering you the job. If you’re granted this visa, you’ll be able to support visa applications for your partner and dependent children.


With this visa you can

  • Work in New Zealand for the employer whose job offer is the basis of your visa application.
New Zealand

Essential Skills Work Visa

You can stay in New Zealand for up to 5 years on an Essential Skills Work Visa, depending on your circumstances. Check the table for the circumstances that apply to you. The times listed in the tables are maximums and you may be granted a visa for less time than this.

If you want to extend your stay in New Zealand, you can apply for other Essential Skills Work Visas. There’s no limit to the number of Essential Skills Work Visas you can apply for, or the total time you can spend in New Zealand on Essential Skills Work Visas.

Each time you apply for a new Essential Skills Work Visa you’ll need to show us you meet all the requirements for us to grant you a visa – this will include your employer re-testing the New Zealand labour market before offering you a job.