Why restrictions on skilled migrants affect global businesses..!

Top HR practitioners feel Restricting Skilled Migrants by developed countries such as the US, the UK and many others has affected global businesses. It makes it tougher and complex for them to scrutinize the various Free Trade Agreements formed.
Influencer blog, Hays CEO, Alistair Cox, says that there is a need to distinctly separate unskilled immigration in huge numbers and skilled immigration to see to it that businesses worldwide have the necessary talent they need to be successful.
These days, many businesses depend on the global talent pool to operate. When businesses, which are not able to find skills they need badly at home, it becomes hard for them as they can’t access foreign talent, denying them the opportunity to function optimally.
Apart from that, for global economic productivity and welfare of the people at large, freer global ties are the need of the times. Alistair was quoted by independent. co.uk as saying that free movement of skills is necessary for countries to run their economies optimally, which, in turn, will accrue benefits to the society. He says unequivocally that countries need to be Welcoming Skilled Workers and not shutting doors on them.
To bolster this argument, he adds that it is well-known that diverse teams often operate much better than homogeneous ones. In addition, hiring foreign talent improves the employees’ current skill level.
Hiring talented professionals from abroad is viewed as the instantaneous solution to the skills’ shortage. On the other hand, the long-term solution involves educating the local people and the up skilling of workers.
Concluding it, Alistair says though educating people locally is an excellent long-term proposition, it does not fill the scarcity that already exists in many businesses.
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