History again shows Malaysia and India to common ground with best benefits

A vow made on common ground to accomplish things by working together in one accord and together not just a little but together a lot more can be achieved. Perhaps this was one unanimous oath between India and Malaysia. A promising future can create a world of opportunities and enhance a better understanding. This indicates the prolific visit of the Malaysian Prime Minister to India, announced that his government will by all means wave all visa fees for Indians making it to the host country Malaysia.
Now a multiple entry e-visit visa will make it viable for you to travel to Malaysia, South Thailand, Singapore and also Indonesia for Indian tourists. This awesome opportunity can be availed online and at a turnaround time of 48 hours the application will be processed. The visa will be issued for a 15 days stay. This new scheme will enhance more incoming tourists to Malaysia compared to the previous year’s 540,530 arrivals.
Malaysia has lot more to offer, best good infrastructure, and affordability. The food would serve very palatable taste bud. The culture is a strong mix of multi diversified roots. Besides being a shopper’s paradise the country is friendly and you would feel welcomed even if you will be a first time visitor.
There a few quick requirements if you would like to make use of this golden opportunity may prior to your scheduled plan you are advised to apply for the visa. And this opportunity is exclusively made available for Indian passport holders as if for now.
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