Almost 1out of 2 UK employers ill-prepared to face post-Brexit immigration rules

Almost 50% of the employers in the United Kingdom are ill-equipped to deal with their government’s proposed changes to immigration regulations following Brexit, a study of the Resolution Foundation, a UK Independent think tank, revealed on 12 June 17.
The survey revealed that almost a third of businesses in the UK feel that citizens from the European Union and the European Economic Area will be allowed to move freely until they have a job in hand. On the other hand, 17 percent assume that there will be status quo.
According to the Resolution Foundation, such outlooks were not at all realistic as Theresa May, Prime Minister, has committed to bringing down immigration by the tens of thousands, irrespective of demand of Businesses for Overseas Labour.
Despite official data showing a steep decline in net migration, forty-six percent of companies which employ EU/EEA Citizens said they were not expecting to see any fall in their numbers.
Stephen Clarke, a policy analyst at the Resolution Foundation, said that there was a distinct gap between what businesses require and expect from their Immigration System in the post-Brexit era and what the government has vowed to execute.
He added that it was crucial for the government to make businesses understand their intentions and give businesses enough time to plan for a new landscape.
This was especially vital for sectors such as agriculture, construction, food, manufacturing and hospitality, concluded Clarke.
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