UK Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence inspections

Tier 2 Visa  Sponsorship Licence systems was introduced in 2008 and licences are valid for four years, so those issued in 2012 expired in 2016.

The Home Office has suspended ZTE from the Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence scheme, used by overseas organisations to recruit foreign nationals to work in the UK, stating that ZTE ‘had not fulfilled its duties.’

ZTE failed to conform to the Tier 2 program’s tough compliance system. However, it’s unclear which specific duties the telecoms giant failed to adhere to, but it is understood that the Home Office is in discussions about issuing a new Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence for ZTE.

Operating in the UK since 2001, the Telco kit maker can continue to trade in the country and can recruit from the UK labour pool. EEA nationals can be hired too, as well as non-EEA a staff that already holds a UK visa.

In April 2016, ZTE was banned from issuing US H1B and L1 visas after admitting breaking sanctions on Iran and North Korea. The company has since paid a $1.2 billion fine to settle the charges brought against them.

ZTE had a turnover of 100 billion Chinese Yuan (£11.89bn), representing an increase of one percent on the previous year.