UK Visa post-Brexit Regional Visa Schemes

UK government rejected proposals for London-only and Scotland only visa schemes. An official report signed by newly installed UK immigration minister, Robert Goodwill, determined that ‘such a system would not be conducive for UK employers.’

Post-Brexit regional visa schemes gathered pace. London Mayor Sadiq Khan provided details for a London visa from the City of London and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The government’s rejection of regional visa schemes comes in response to a report produced by the House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee, which urged Westminster to review plans for a formal post-study work scheme for Scotland.

An official statement from Westminster said: “We do not consider a Scotland-specific visa scheme to be in the best interests of the integrity of the UK immigration system, or in the interests of UK employers and landlords who would be required to check whether a migrant’s status restricted their ability to work to Scotland.”

“Such a scheme would not be practicable, for example, for employers who are headquartered in Scotland but need the flexibility to deploy their staff to other parts of the UK to engage in employment activity,” the statement added.

The government report appears to conclude that regional visa schemes will not be considered for a post-Brexit immigration system, including the London visa scheme proposed by Sadiq Khan.

An excerpt from the report reads: “Applying different immigration rules to different parts of Britain would complicate the UK immigration system, harming its integrity, and cause difficulties for employers with a presence in more than one part of the UK.”