Foreign tourists visiting India with e-Visa stay for one more month

The Ministry of Tourism of India has stated that foreign tourists who arrive in India with the e TVs (e-Tourist Visas) will now be eligible to stay for up to two months in the country and be entitled to double-entry benefits.

The new e-Visa guidelines, which were unveiled on 1 April 2017, will allow a tourist to stay in the country for up to two months and double entry will be allowed for holders of valid business and tourist e-Visas. On the other hand, triple entries will be allowed for medical e-Visa holders. This will allow tourists to visit neighbouring countries before they return to India within an assigned time. In addition, the application window to the e-Visa scheme has been raised to 120 days from 30 days.

The e-Visa, which was introduced in August 2015, is sub-divided into e-Tourist Visa, e-Medical Visa and e-Business Visa, according to Travel Daily News.

Applicants of the eligible countries would be able to apply online at least four days ahead of their date of arrival with a window of four months.

The e-Visa will be valid for 60 days from the date of entry into India and would be eligible for entry via 24 designated airports and three seaports of Kochi, Goa and Mangalore.