UK immigration changes being introduced over the coming year…

UK Immigration changes scheduled to take place over the coming year will increase the expense and complexity of recruiting talent from overseas, some changes are being made which might just take the edge off for some employers.

Changes to look forward to this :

Tier 2 applications for graduate roles will be given extra weighting within the Tier 2 skilled visa system, meaning that it will be easier for their prospective UK sponsors to obtain permission to employ them in the UK.

The minimum salary threshold for new entrant hires (classed as graduate hires, Tier 4 to Tier 2 switches, or anyone aged 25 or under) is to remain at its current level of £20,800.

The education and public health sectors will rejoice to hear that specific healthcare and education roles will be exempt from any increase in salary thresholds until 2019.

Nurses will remain on the Shortage Occupations List, meaning that applications for these roles will be prioritised within the Tier 2 skilled visa system for the foreseeable future.

Changes to look forward to in April 2017:

For the high-earners out there, the minimum salary threshold which must be reached before a Tier 2 visa holder becomes eligible to remain in the UK for up to nine years is being lowered substantially from its current level of £155,300 to £120,000.