Reviewing the immigration statuses of their EEA employees

The government is already in discussion as to what shape and form the UK’s exit from the European Union should take.

Despite the lingering uncertainty, UK employers are now able to begin preparations ahead of the rough Brexit deadline. Whatever comes to pass, it is important not to underestimate the potential effects of Brexit on employees and their families, and as a result how it may affect business.

It is advisable, therefore, for UK employers to take advantage of the announced Brexit deadline, by identifying their EEA expatriate workforce now and taking the available measures to insure themselves and their employees against whatever changes may come their way.

UK businesses to take steps as soon as possible towards identifying and reviewing the immigration statuses of their EEA employees.

Assess which of these have been in the UK for fewer or more than five years, and which for six. Provided they have been exercising Treaty Rights continuously for five years, the individual is likely to have acquired a right to permanently reside in the UK (Permanent Residence). After six years, they may even be eligible to apply for naturalisation as a British national.

There are also helpful immigration options for those EEA employees who have been in the UK for fewer than five years.