Why Indians happy with UK’s exit from EU?

Why Indians happy with UK’s exit from EU?,The United Kingdom Independent Party leadership is satisfied with the decision of the Britons to leave the European Union. It did not impact Indians living in the United Kingdom mainly; instead, the continuous fall of sterling is opening up new areas for Indian investments.

It is apparent that migration, control over borders, employment could be seen as a major issue that forced average British national to vote for the separation. This may strengthen Mr. Donald Trump as he is promoting immigration as an issue on a massive scale.

The UKIP party sources even promoted for the most streamlined immigration procedure post ‘Brexit’. They openly supported Indians and Australians for their English Standards, and their law-abiding nature.

As most of the Indians moved to the United Kingdom on Intra-company transfers, the recent immigration reforms did not affect Indians. The United Kingdom did not maintain a cap on skilled shortage areas such as healthcare, and other critical sectors of the economy. The Indian migration to the UK is consistent; post ‘Brexit’ scenario will be fruitful to Indians.

Recently the UK had a pact with Indian private hospital for importing doctors. Immigration is the viable option for sustainable development; it is the obvious choice of the UK to welcome resourceful immigrants.

Now Indian students can quickly obtain UK degrees, as the sterling rate is marginally small, must wait for new economic policies and immigration policies. The Rich Indians can look for more opportunities in the realty sector, the areas where the UK relies on imports.

The Indian businesses are bit worried, but in the long term perspective, they will benefit largely. Until now the UK acted as the gateway for the European market, now they have to establish new headquarters in Europe.

For all the separation proceedings from the European Union, it may take more than two years, so wait for the new reforms.