UK commissions study to determine number of vacancies for Tier 2 visas

     UK Home Secretary, assigned the Migration Advisory Committee to determine if there was a shortage across the board of primary and secondary school teachers or of teachers only for certain subjects. Migration Advisory Committee was also told to state if it was necessary to rope in non-EU migrants to fill in teaching vacancies on Tier 2 visas.

As per the existing UK immigration legislation, academy trusts, businesses and schools have the power to sponsor applications for Tier 2 visas for citizens belonging to non-EU and non-EEA countries. A report, published by Schools Week, however, says that complications in getting UK visas under the Tier 2 visa system is making schools drop their recruitment plans.

Stringent British visa rules have seen many schools refuse to accommodate candidates from outside the EU. The challenge to hire overseas teachers is likely to aggravate by April 2017, by which time new regulations that requires experienced workers to earn at least £30,000 to be eligible for Tier 2 visas will be enforced.

In fact, schools, agencies and other leaders have pressed the Migration Advisory Committee to embrace a more flexible stance.