The benefits of the updated standards and Australia-based care

Since November 2011, Accredited Sponsorship has given special benefits to Australian employers with long standing relationships with the DIBP. Visa processing Priority for Temporary Work Visa (Subclass 457) and business sponsorship validity up to six years (while the standard is three years) are some of the benefits of this sponsorship program.

For Businesses

However, from 1 July on wards, these amendments were added to the eligible criteria to determine the status of Accredited Sponsorship.

The company should have a minimum of 10 primary 457 visa sponsorship 24 months before applying for accreditation. The previous requirement was 30 primary 457 visa holders in the preceding 12 months.

Written proof of employment contract for all 457 holders, which include minimum employment privileges according to the National Employment Standards (unless their occupation has exemptions).

Proof that all Australian employees salaries comply with an Enterprise Agreement or the company’s salary slab, drafted based on market rates.

Company’s business details.

DIBP will review current companies with the Accredited Sponsorship status and ensure that they conform to the updated criteria. If they don’t meet the requirements, their Accredited Sponsorship status can be downgraded to Standard Business Sponsorship status.

For Sponsors

DIBP is going to expand even the benefits under Accredited Sponsors. The nominated occupation should be listed under ANZSCO Skill Level 1 or 2; along with:

Base salary nominated is greater than or equal to the Fair Work High Income Threshold or AUD $75,000.

Companies who wish to obtain Accredited Sponsorship status should make sure that they adhere to these rules. The Accredited Sponsors benefits will increase and benchmark for qualifying will be reduced tremendously from the 1st July, 2016.