Canada Immigration Reverses Decision Regarding Colombian Student

Colombian-born student, Valentine Torres Martinez was going to be deported because of a mix-up with her job two years ago. She resides in Halifax, Canada and is a student at St. Mary’s University. The department of

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada initially took this a decision as she had been residing in Canada without an authorized study permit. Later on, the federal government stated that there was a slip-up and her employment was the actual reason.

Martinez worked with children at Sacred Heart in the after-school program, three hours per week. Service Canada issued her a social insurance number and granted her permission to work.

Despite a strong case, the court ruled against her and Canadian immigration rejected her application again.

Canadian Federal Court’s decision to reconsider her case was an aftermath of refusal to renew her study permit.

However, the Federal Immigration Department decided to reverse its verdict and grant Valentine Torres Martinez a new study permit valid till 30th Sept 2020.

“It was just a roller-coaster of emotions. I couldn’t plan for the future. I didn’t know,” Martinez said Thursday.

According to Lee Cohen, a Halifax lawyer said that the reason for reversing the decision was not released, but he believed that the immigration department did not have a strong case and had to reverse their decision.