Immigration strike may delay Canada student visas

Dean students at the University of Canada’s prestigious that Canadian immigration officials strike published abroad may prevent some students from attending successfully before the beginning of the school year in September.

The Professional Association of State Department personnel (PAFSO) held a series of industrial work days since June 6. They say that they are paid less than their colleagues based in Canada, demanding wage increases to compensate. PAFSO says that the pay of its members, who include economists, government and diplomats and lawyers, as well as immigration officials between 3000 and CAN $ CAN $ 14,000 less than their counterparts in Canada.

There was a strike in offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Delhi and Chandigarh, Mexico City and Manila in the Philippines.

The Canadian government refuses to negotiate

The Canadian government currently refuses to make concessions. He says staff PAFSO access privileges such as car allowances, allowances for dry cleaning clothes that compensate for the minimum wage.
The Dean of Mc Gill students  CBC Canada that many international students may have to join their studies term late. In the case of engineering students, they may have to postpone their studies until the next academic year of 2014/15.

Mc gill concerned that this may lead to a hole in its finances if hundreds or even thousands “of students are not able to start their studies.